TGIF Is word which has been used in social media meaning Thank God  it's  Friday. Friday it’s the best day of the week according to me. I love Friday because it welcomes the weekend most of the people start the weekend on Friday. Lucky are those who work in offices which are closed as early as 4pm on  Fridays those are the ones who know the real meaning of TGIF.

As for me, I have to work extra hours  I even have to close my business around 9pm that’s the bad side of business. All in all, I love my job because I do what I love so I don't struggle too much with it.
Last Friday I can say it was bad Friday I had a small issue  in my place of job. Despite the problem,   I decided to take advantage of it and  do some other things which  I also love. I decided to visit my hairdresser  then after that I visited one of my family members. 
As further as beauty is concerned I do love my face so much I always want it to always look nice. There is this  guy who makes my eyebrows perfect. 
It makes my face look so bright and beautiful. I had really struggled a lot to get someone who will make my eyebrows this perfect I even had to ask help in social media. One day when  I was browsing around I came across this post on one page with pictures advertising about making eyebrows. Despite many marketers using the downloaded pictures and when you visit them   it's  something different,my instincts lead me to this one.   
One day I was in town and I decided to give him a call since he left his contacts in  the post he posted. He was a very nice guy to me and he directed me where to get his salon.  I really liked each and every step of it. Very gentle on your eyebrows and till then have been their client.
I had  to take some photos  after I visited  my sister though they were not clear but you can see the eyebrows  are dope. This salon is in town and if you want to reach him here  are his contacts;   

Sammy: +254702 511 179

T. shirt by Angel entertainment
call : +254725 895 006

Here are the photos though lighting was not that good.

Thanks for the visit
Love you