No one hates being told you look smart; it's the best complement most of us ladies love to hear. A woman will make sure that she is wearing something that looks sexy to her. There are different kinds of outfits depending on the occasion.
Whether you are employed or not there comes one day that you don't want to dress too much you just want to make it simple but smart. If you work and you don't want to wear casual, you can consider wearing a trouser and a top, but you make sure they are official.Such a lazy day you won't wear heels they will tire some flat shoes will do better on such day. If it's sunny, i prefer light top material like chiffon and if you want to accessorize it can do better with sunglasses to prevent you from direct sun.

 Being a self-employed lady, I don't have to wear too much official most the times I do wear casual. Sometimes I wake up and am late, and I don't have much time I just pick a T-shirt and a jegging or a sweat pant and rush to work.

To wrap it lets me mention some of the outfits for a lazy day;
Jeggings: Jeggings are like jeans, but the difference they do stretch, and they are softer compared to jeans wear them with a cute high low chiffon top with a pair of wedge ankle boots they will look awesome.

Sweatpants: Sweatpants are very comfortable they are best on a lazy day I prefer them so much. Try a high waist sweatpants with a fitting top and an ankle boot or beautiful rubber shoes. That look will be so stunning you will even admire yourself.

Shorts: Short are very cute on your lazy day. You can wear then with jumper top and a pair of rubber shoes it will be simple but smart.

Leggings: Since legging can best with or without accessories you can just try them on a lazy day with just a nice top and a pair of flat shoes.

Accessories: Don't mind to accessorize your outfit a little bit with a scarf and earrings depending on the color of your outfit. If your outfit is in dull colors, try bright color when it comes to accessories but don't over do it.

Thanks for reading my first post love you all

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