Hello everyone am so exited to post this first post hope you will enjoy it. I decided to start with health tips for sexy body.

Fashion and healthy goes hand to hand most of you will wonder why am posting about healthy foods in a fashion blog. If you have that sexy body believe you me, every cloth will look nice with but with that excess fat, you will not be able to wear some clothes.

What is the difference between overweight and obesity? Overweight is defined as a condition whereby person's weight is 10% -20% more than average weight. Weight can be determined through standard height or weight chart It can also be measure through body mass index (BMI) of between 25 to 30 Obesity as well is when the BMI is over 30.
Every lady admires that flat tummy because it makes you look more sexy. Most of the ladies gain more weight after giving birth. Its not that easy to loose that weight and go back to your shape. In some cases also there are people who gain weight just because of their eating habit and lifestyle.
Many people worldwide haven't been able to lose weight due to their eating habit.If one want to lose weight he/she has to start by changing diet as well as lifestyle. A bad lifestyle like smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise may cause overweight or obesity as well.What you have to know is that we gain more weight because we eat more calories than we use to generate energy.You should take 80% of alkali and 20% acid of which most of us we eat the other way round. 80% acid and 20% alkali which is very dangerous to our health.
i)Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Fruits have so many benefits to our bodies such benefits include; Boosting immune system, fruits and vegetables have low fat, calories, and sodium in that case it's good for weight watchers. Most of fresh fruit and vegetables has high fiber which helps to reduce blood cholesterol. Fruits are sources of essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, which has no calories.
ii)Eating whole eggs
Most of the people fear eating eggs because they think it can affect blood cholesterol, but studies show that eggs can not affect it.Eggs are full of proteins and nutrients that you need in your body.
iii) Salmon fish
Salmon fish has an excellent cholesterol that is useful to your body. It has Omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful to reduce inflammation which plays a very major role in obesity and metabolic disease.
iv)Lean beef and chicken breast
Meat as well has a high protein. Despite people fearing to take red meat, studies show red meat has very weak correlation with cancer to men but no correlation in women. Intake of high proteins can help burn 80 to 100 calories per day.

v) Eating boiled sweet potatoes
Boiled potatoes have almost everything that someone may need for a healthy body. Sweet potatoes have several essentials which are necessary for health and weight loss. They are high in potassium, contain nutrients and also has played a very useful role in blood pressure control. Boil the sweet potatoes and let them cool they will have resistant starch and a fiber substance which is believed to have many healthy benefits including burning fat in your body and reducing craving of junk foods.
These are just some of the foods that you should eat while you are watching your weight. And don't forget to drink plenty of water to flash off toxins in your body. At least take the recommended eight glasses per day or more.
Now let's try these and more foods which have high fiber and nutrients for that adorable body.Have been a fun of junk but now have tried my best to stop it keeping in mind junk food has so many fats which accumulate in your body. I believe everybody can lose weight it's all about self-motivation . Let's work for that curvy body I will post my photos on my progress after a while.

Thanks for reading