Hey everyone hope you had fantastic weekend today i decided to talk about nails.
I love my nails so much as further as beauty is concerned. I always take good care of them. If anything can make my nails break I will always avoid it.  There are so much I do to my nails to prevent them from breaking. I have heard so many times even from my friends saying their nails can't  grow they always break. I decided to share this post may be it will help your nails grow long for those who are nail lovers just like me.

I used to apply any nail polish I will get on my nails I didn’t know most of them make nails break.  If you apply more nail polish on your nails can cause nail breakage. Nails need to breathe as well and when you apply the nail polish don't apply much of it, try to minimize it in order to get fresh air for your nails.   
Though there are some factors that limit the growth of nails no matter how much you take care of them. Sickness, aging also contributes.
These are some of the behaviors that you can prevent if you want long nails; 

Tips for long nails
1.    Please avoid that tendency of biting your nails Most of the people have that behavior of biting nails  especially if they are thinking of something or they are shy of talking. Have never done so but I know it’s like a habit very hard to stop but if you are one of those who does so. 
2.    Don’t use nails to prevent yourself as a weapon or to open bottles or clean stacked dirty on dishes with them. I always try to avoid that on my nails.
3.    As I mentioned earlier I make sure I don’t apply too much of nail polish. I go for professional who has nice quality gel. He really does it very good not too much not too  little. You can as well visit him in Town Nairobi and you will not be disappointed, his gel makes nails grow and not to break as you know bad quality gel lead to breakage of nails. As I mentioned in my previous post they know how to treat people with good customer care their services and their prices are incredible. I don't regret being their client. You too you can try them and you will not regret at all. 
4.    Some of the detergents are very hard and affect nails, in that I use gloves when cleaning dishes, cleaning the house and any other washing in general.
If you need anything concerning your nails from the gel, stickons,nail tips, acrylics, normal  nail polish generally anything to do with nails don’t hesitate to visit them.

For more info call: 0702 511 179
Enjoys some of the photos of their work

                          Before the application

                  After application doesn't look amazing?

                                       Other happy clients as i was

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