Adventure is always my hobby I love to travel and have a different experience in my life.  I decided to go and visit our very own Nairobi National Park. Kenyans are very lucky to have a national park located literally in the city. Do you know Nairobi national park is the only park in the world which is located in the city? The National park is just 10 minutes from Nairobi city center when no traffic but traffic in Kenya has become part of our life.  You can spend the whole an hour going somewhere that can take 15 minutes just because of traffic. It's located along lang’ata road.
Nairobi national parker was established in 1946, before it was occupied by Maasai who were doing their herding there and also some Kikuyus who used to do farming there. It's 7km from the city center. Its 117km2 which is not that big as compared to other national parks in  Africa. There are varieties of animals with different species. Some of the animals you will find in this park are; giraffes, lions, cheaters, leopards, monkeys, rhinos, hyenas, crocodiles and others.

This is the place you will not get bored. I found it so much fun to visit it. If you are Nairobian you are much privileged because it will spare your time and money because you don't have to travel for hours.  For those who are afraid of animals, you don't have to be scared especially when you visit animal orphanage because the animals are fenced with the electric fence so worry not.
Another thing I liked about this place is their game rangers are so friendly and willing to take a walk with the visitors. These people answer any question they are asked they are very proud of their job. I find it so funny they have given these animals names and even the animals know them. I didn’t know cheaters die at the age of 17 – 18 years didn’t you now you know.
I decided to take my family there with me to enjoy it with them. My son really made it to  be more fun than I expected image he wasn't scared by these big animals like lions, lioness, and cheaters  but he really feared monkeys. Do you know why he didn't like the monkeys they snatched my snack something he didn't like at all he even tried to help me out?
If you want a game drive you should visit the park on Saturdays and Sundays you will see the animals while driving in the game. The other days you can visit safari walk which has the overview of the animals as you walk through the bridges.
Believe  me, have been visiting this place since I was young and have never got enough or bored of it. If you haven't got a time and visit it. Tembea Kenya be a domestic tourist and promote our tourism. Let's explore our beautiful country home is always the best. A Muzungu will come all the way and visit these places while you Kenyan you have not visited any. Am proud of my country and I will always visit more places as possible, you too you should.
Tembea Kenya lets have fun guys.Next destination coming soon right here.

photographer : Paul Mati
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I managed to capture some of the animals