What is aloe Vera?
Aloe Vera is an extract obtain from an aloe vera plant which is believed to have many benefits  in our skin and health purposes. It is used as both on cosmetic and  medical purposes.

What is Aloe vera plant?
Aloe vera is a plant which normally grows in tropical climates. Areas with average rainfall. It is a succulent plant species of genus Aloe. Aloe vera has multiple incredible uses. Aloe vera can be used for fencing especially where I come from they use aloe vera to make their fences strong. It is also used for decoration when planted around the house apart from this there are other uses of aloe vera which am going to discuss.

I found it very important to share some of the wonderful uses of aloe vera that have researched and also used them myself. You will not go wrong by using any product which has aloe vera as an ingredient. Here are some of the benefits that one can get from aloe vera gel/oil.

Reduces and cures acne
If you apply an aloe vera in an affected area and rub it will cure your acne. There a variety of cosmetic  products made from aloe vera extract. You can as well get the natural aloe vera plant itself and use the gel to rub it to your skin. It really works wonders.

Cures sunburn
This really happened to me I traveled somewhere sometime back and I can tell you the weather and climate really affected me. I got sunburn all over my face. I applied aloe vera gel which I used to wash my face with and by the end of a week my face was clear. You too should try it in case you have the same problem.

It makes your skin smooth and glowing
Aloe vera hydrates your skin when applied on it leaving it very smooth and glowing. You don’t only use aloe vera to treat any complications but you can as well use it to moisturize your skin.

Act as ant-aging
The fact that aloe vera leaves your skin smooth, it also makes your skin younger. It's very hard to find an individual who uses aloe vera with wrinkles. 

Heals inflammation
Mostly inflammation occurs in people with the illness like arthritis which in most cases it's as a result of overweight. Apply aloe Vera gel to affected area and it will  help.

It helps in hair growth
A high percentage of women like long hair. Hair also needs to be fed with numerous vitamins for it to grow long and strong. Aloe vera has such vitamins which will enable your hair to be strong, preventing it from breaking. Try aloe vera moisturizer on your hair and also wash with aloe vera shampoo and you will love the outcome.

Solving digestion problems
Though there is no scientific report to prove this aloe vera does well on digestion problems. If you have bloated  stomach use aloe vera it eventually absorbs the bad cholesterol in your intestines hence helping to get rid of unwanted fats.

Used to lose weight 
Yes, loosing weight has been struggling to most of us aloe vera will help you to sort this out. Since it helps in burning fat you will automatically lose weight. Aloe vera acts as a detox. If you have tried so many products to burn fat and no results why can't you try aloe vera.What aloe vera does in your body is that it reacts with bad cholesterol and absorbs them then the body will discharge them. It flushes away the toxins in your body. As we know accumulated toxins in our body cause bloating in our stomach resulting in weight gain. It's advisable to at least detox at least once per month to avoid the accumulation of fats.

Now have shared some of the benefits if you have more you can add down here. Aloe vera is a product that has never got frustrated by using it. I trust it both for medical and cosmetic purposes.

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