Losing baby weight sometimes  very challenging especially the tummy. I Have tried so much to flatten my tummy in so many ways but some don’t work. I read an article about how to lose weight with raw honey. I decided to try it. When it comes to my body I don't give up easily I will do what it takes to stay healthy and sexy.  
Most of the time I prefer using natural ingredients rather than the artificial products. DIY is my favorite.  I always make the concoction myself and as I write this article it's  really working. Some of these DIY needs more patient and you don’t have to loose hope.

When you decide you want to lose weight whether is the whole body or your tummy  it takes a while. Take measurements of your weight and also your  weight  before starting. That's what I did before starting  the  procedure.  Here is how I use honey to get a flat tummy.    


1 teaspoonful of cinnamon

2 teaspoonful of honey

1 Glass of boiled water
Mix cinnamon and water and cover it for about 10 minutes
In that way, it will cool down before adding honey
Filter the mixer to eliminate solid particles in the mixture.
Add honey to the mixture and stir.
Enjoy the mixture
NOTE: It's very effective if you take the concoction on  an empty  stomach .  Then take your breakfast after 20 minutes later.

You can add the lemon as well in the mixture. If I have a lemon I do add it to my concoction.
Here is how I prepare
I do the same procedure but at the end, I take a raw lemon and sequence it's liquid to the mixture. I normally use 1 medium size lemon.
Sometimes I take the drink in the night before I sleep.
So far I can see the improvement though as I mentioned earlier don't expect it to work immediately it will work gradually and with time you will see the change.
I also use the same mixture on my face to make it smooth but I add turmeric
Here is the procedure:

3 teaspoonful of honey

2 teaspoonful of cinnamon

2 spoonful of turmeric

2 glasses of warm water and 2 of cold water
I mix honey and cinnamon to make a paste
Mix the warm water with the turmeric
Make sure your face is clean
I apply the mixture of honey and cinnamon on my face.
I leave the mask on my face for 30-40 minutes
Wash the face with the warm water with the turmeric
Then rinse it with cold water
I use my face towel to dry the face
Then last but not least I apply my moisturizer it depends on which is your best moisturizer.

These are the ingredients I use to make my face smooth and also to flatten my tummy.
If you want you can start it its never too late and thank me later.You can also read this;http://www.nanciln.com/2016/05/normal-0-false-false-false-en-gb-x-none.html

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