Hey, guys,   it's  been a while since I posted something have been having some  issues . My son was sick and I couldn't concentrate on anything, not even my job  . If you have a kid you can imagine the situation you are in when your child is unwell. All in all now he is fine and thanks God for that.  
This boy really keeps me busy and when he realizes  am not giving him any attention he will do anything to get my attention even is switching off the television.You can imagine how I was bored when he was unwell.  At least now you know why I went silent for a while, Don’t lose hope on me expect more motivating and wonderful post to come. 
I prepared this post to read as you wait for another which is on the way.  For quite some time have been loving  weaves since it takes little time to make. You only need an hour if your hairdresser is faster as mine but then I thought it's  better to change to braids at least once .   
I bought these ombre braids from a friend of mine and believe you me after braiding them the result was awesome.   I don't like to stay in a salon for hours but these braids made me be patient because I was so excited to see how I will look with them.     
The best thing about these braids is they are so unique.  Everyone  have been asking me which braids are those.  I even remember last week I boarded a psv vehicle and a  certain lady who sat next to me asked me the name of the braids.  I thank my hairdresser  for making them perfect as I wanted. These braids are best, especially when the temperatures are so high because the air can penetrate inside your head.            
Another advantage I saw with these braids you can reuse them and no one will realize it they will look as beautiful as the new ones. If you love braids try these braids and it will not disappoint you.  
My pictures are not that clear but you can see how the braids look. These braids are short and long as well it’s up to you if you like the long or short ones. They have the variety of colors so you will not miss your favorite color.     
I decided to take these photos to show how these braids look amazing then all over certain my boy decided to make my clothes dirty but i didn't worry that's the real meaning of being a mom.Thank you for the view and keep passing by for a new post. I always keep promising you for more good posts to come. 
Love you all 
hood from Angel entertainment 0725895006
Leggings $ peplyum top from Garissa lodge 
Shoes Thrifted
braids from 0710879974