Hey, everyone, I  hope you are having a great time wherever you are.  To begin with this is how i define beauty; it is   a unique way on how you see yourself inside and out. I don’t like how most of the bloggers copy other people’s ideas of fashion. I always want to be unique in my own way.
I like red so much as I was preparing this post it could not be complete without this color. If I check on my wardrobe I find so much of red. When I go for shopping I found myself been attracted by red so much and when I try to fit the outfit I end up choosing red and that's why my wardrobe is full of red.  
People normally say when you doubt yourself wear red but according to me, I wear red confidentially. There are so many reasons why I love this color one being that it suits well with my skin color secondly when you are traveling and you are accompanied with your kid it won’t disappoint you. It’s not like white when it comes to dirty. I once wore white and I was with my boy I didn’t like it before we arrive where we were going I was already dirty. When I am doing some physical activities also I prefer wearing red.     
I remember when I was in college I  used to hate dresses so much even my colleagues used to tell me it will come a time when I will start to love dresses, I think that time is now, weekly I can even wear a dress more times than   any other outfit something which was   like a nightmare to me before.      
When I go for a shoot there are some essential things which I can’t leave behind. These are some of the things that I don't leave behind wherever I am going for a shoot;  
My own camera
Yes, I always carry my own camera  in case of anything I will use mine. This didn't happen a long time ago it was just last weekend when we planned for a shoot then   all over certain my photographer was not picking my calls, thank God I had my camera. After some time I got a text from him that he had an  emergency and he won’t make it. 
Apart from your photographer have a partner
Yes, wherever I go somewhere I will make sure I have a friend of mine who will accompany me. Unless they are all busy I will not hesitate but to go alone. After this guy told me he had some emergency I had to use my other option which was my friend. It was not that bad keeping in mind she is not a professional photographer.  My camera uses batteries so I will carry an extra pair of a battery. Before I leave I will make sure my camera has the memory card inside.    
Carry extra clothes and shoes.
This reminds me of one day we were going for a party long time ago with my friend a vehicle splashed water to us. It was really a disappointment since it was a white party. So every time I go I make sure in my bag there is at least one outfit. When I am using heels for the shoot I won’t leave my flat shoes. All these things  have learned them through experience and that's why they say experience is the best teacher. I was going to somewhere one day since I was sure I  won’t walk too much I wore my heels.  Believe you me we had an incidence with our car and there was no other option apart from walking. I had to leave my hubby waiting for the mechanic to sort the issue. You can imagine walking with heels for like 500 meters and I had no option. Since then you  won't miss flat shoes  in my bag.  
Make up kit  
Sometimes it can be so hot i will carry my make up in case i want to reapply again.

Now I have shared my experience why can't you add if you have any. I always say no one is perfect.
Thank you for the view.
Love you so much

Dress from Ngara Market
Flat $ Heels shoes the same
Blazer $ clutch bag from Garrisa lodge