As a new blogger, there must be people I look up  for. I am like a new baby in this industry, Yes have been loving fashion but not to an extent of blogging about it. I just started following some of the personal bloggers in Kenya and they inspired me a lot. Their posts inspired me to start blogging without any fear due to their encouragement and motivation they do in their blogging.  

This lady has inspired me so much and I make sure I read each post she posts. She owns a blog by the name Have  been her fan number one. This lady makes sure her contented is educative to her viewers. Thanks, Silvia  Njoki  continue with such motivation. What I like most about this lady is that when you ask her anything about blogging she will be very willing to explain it to. 

When I started blogging this year I could not end a day without visiting this lady’s blog. As well I find it so educative and attractive. I read one of her posts and it was about how you should keep moving no matter the challenges. I like her style as well. She owns a blog by the name

I can't  go a day without visit this beautiful lady’s blog. When it comes to adventure this lady knows how to capture best moments with high-quality photos. is her blog. This lady keeps posting I don't think she can spend a week without posting . 

I am that person who  believes knowledge is power. Somebody somewhere knows something I don’t know that’s why I keep doing research and reading more about these bloggers. What have come to realize about fashion bloggers in Kenya is that ; they love supporting each other they don’t compete at all and that’s why am one of them. 
I love this industry because wherever you need to consult or ask something from the other bloggers they will be willing to help. God bless these bloggers to continue with that heart.
I believe it's  never too late I have like 4 to 5 months in the industry but I will not give up I am working to be better in it.  When you do something that you have passion in you will always enjoy each and every moment of it and that's what I do. 
When you do something don't expect everybody to love what you are doing expect negative comments as well and that's life. I will never let any negative comment as negative I will take it as a compliment and keep moving. Silvia  Njoki shared a post on how to be a successful blogger I have doing all those things and has helped me so much. 
Thanks for reading this
love you so much