Hey guys how is your holiday going? Everyone was happy because of the long weekend we  had. I got an opportunity to spend some quality time with my friends who are employed and getting time for them comes very challenging. We used the long weekend to meet to share more about life and also have fun.   

Friends are family members that we choose by ourselves. If you have some friends who do care about you, and they are always there for you in good and also in bad moments, you should appreciate for such friendship.  Some friends will run away from you if maybe you are  experiencing some difficulties in life, those are not friends I call them friends with benefits they only want you when they are benefiting. You should be more wise enough to notice such pretenders. Also, there are those who will want to be with you because you have something that they  want  to get from you.    
I thank God because I can say I have real friends who have been there for me in all situations. Talking of friends as I mentioned at the beginning of this post some of my friends a very busy, so we had to take advantage of the long weekend to meet with them.    
I have this little black dress which I bought some time back in Gikomba for those who know Gikomba is an open air market which sells second-hand clothes. I admit I also love second-hand clothes, and I was not pleased with the idea that they want to proscribe the import of such garments.The good thing about second-hand clothes is cheap such that almost everyone can afford to buy.       
Color black it's the best color to wear to any occasion because any accessories can accessorize it.   It's  not those days when black was worn when someone was mourning. For this one, I decided to wear a little black dress because I wanted it to look casual.               
I wore it with a red peep toe heels which I bought a long time ago at Eastleigh. I am still that girl who believes it's  not a must to wear a very expensive outfit to look classy it all depends on how you wear it.    
Thank you for showing me more love as I continue blogging I appreciate so much keep viewing my blog for more good posts to come. 
I wish you all the best week with more blessing and God bless you