Some time back I shared what you can take to flatten your tummy. If you missed it, you could read it here. Gradually I see the effect. There are a couple of things that have taught myself as I continue with the program, and I decided to share here if  anyone wants to follow the same.   

Don't skip 
Sometimes I come home tired, and I don't feel like  preparing the concoction, but again I remember what I want to achieve. 

Don’t give up
As we know we are different, it can work for me within a short period and take long for any other person to notice the difference. I will never compare myself to anyone who is considering the same procedure because I know our metabolism it’s not the same.     

Everything needs some terms to achieve what  you are targeting. I first respect myself because I know no one is forcing me to do so I am doing it willingly.    

If you know, you are that person who wants some encouragement from others doesn't hesitate to look for one. For this one, I will recommend you to either ask someone who had  tried it before and succeeded. Also, you can find an expert in that sector.    

Ignore the critics
Some of your friends or family members may at a point discourage you through their critics I will advise not to listen just give them the cold shoulder. I have experienced such  critics, but I don't care about it because  it’s my life and I am the one who wants to live a healthy life.    

Check weight regularly
After one week I do check my weight  to know if there is any progress in that way I find it  encouraging me. If my weight is increasing, I will do what it takes to reduce it.                      

No junk food
I admit I love chips a lot but off late, I have  decided to keep off from it. I don't want to  add some bad cholesterol in my body while am trying to eliminate it. It has not been easier for me, but  I can say have managed to do so.

Doing some house chores
Doing work can also help burning some calories. If I got time, I would do my house chores myself as part of the exercise. Before I started this program, I was kind lazy and would not do any domestic work not even cooking, but I realized this is contributing to the accumulation of fats in my tummy since my job does not involve many physical activities.        

As for me, I don't have time to go to the gym, but I do walk at least 20 minutes per day. If you have time for the gym, or you can jog in the morning, please do so for better impact.

Balanced diet
I will make sure my food is well balanced and don’t leave vegetables in every meal i take and after eating i take a fruit.Drinking more water at least eight glasses per day it's also recommended to flush away toxins.  

It’s never too late for you to start as well. Take your time and challenge yourself. I believe  everyone wants to have a healthy body.
Thank you for visiting my blog as I always say keep coming for better and motivating posts.
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