Hey, everyone, I hope you are having a great time wherever you are. Today I decided to share my casual look.    Ripped and ragged trousers are one of the most trending  fashion. Ripped and ragged trousers are made for casual. Mostly I wear when I am either going to a party or something of such.    
When I go for shopping there are some things I consider before I purchase any outfit.

 Is it comfortable with me?
I will only purchase an outfit which I will be very comfortable when I wear it. Sometimes you can purchase an outfit and it ends up staying in your wardrobe, it also happened to me, I have so many clothes which I don't wear in my wardrobe. That's why I decided before I buy any I will wear it look myself on my mirror to confirm how it looks on me.  
The environment I am in
Some of the environment will not allow you to wear some of the clothes. Take for instance you are in a white color job most probably you will be in official. Personally, I am a business lady so I wear any kind of outfit so long as I am    comfortable with it. When I am attending a meeting or an event I will also consider which outfit to go with . Talking of attending an event I also consider;  
The purpose of the outfit
Sometimes I can go shopping just to add some outfits to my wardrobe but there are times when I go purposely to purchase for a specific occasion. If I am going to purchase an outfit to attend an event somewhere I will make sure that  outfit won’t disappoint me and it will fit me well. I have witnessed so many embarrassments of  outfits in many events  so I don’t want to fall on the same. 
The people I am  going to meet 
Yes, this is a must I have  to  know who I am going to meet. Last year I was going to meet my in-laws I had to look for a nice long dress. This shows some decency and respect it does not mean if I  wear a mini dress they will question me but just to show that I do respect them so much.
These are some of the things I consider before I purchase an outfit.  If you have any you can add. Last week I  was meeting my friends and below was my casual look for that day. Ripped denim with a t-shirt and hoodie. Recently I have been loving these  t-shirts and hoodie which are made in Kenya with our very own Kenyan. They are of good quality and can be customized according to your wish. They deliver all parts of Kenya if you want you can try them and thank me later.        

Thanks for stopping by and I love you all.

ripped denim,legging, sling bag and flat shoes from Garissa lodge
Wedge from Ngara market
T-shirt and Hoodie from +254736 546 619