Some time back there was a fashion blogger who shared her journey of blogging, this lady inspired me a lot. One thing I learned from her is to be patient. When I started blogging, I thought  it's  just something very simple which you will start and earn immediately I found things were not as I expected to thank God I only started it because I love fashion and it was not all about money.    
Now that I love what I do and I do it with a passion I decided to make this post with this  maroon  dress wrap which I love so much. I don’t have so many pieces with this color, but I  will add more in my wardrobe.     

When first I wore it everyone I met was telling me this dress looks awesome I was amazed I met I lady who was a total stranger and she also complemented the same. I am planning to go shopping to buy more, or I can also prefer tailor made one since I am planning to start to promote our local designers.  
Here in Kenya we have been attracted by western culture and forgotten  about our culture. I don’t know when last I wore African attire and that’s why I want to diversify to our African outfit. I don't  know about you there are few of Kenyans who impress their culture if you are one of them thumbs up for you.       
Even the white people have started to love our fabric outfits than we do and this made me start to add more in my wardrobe. I hope some days to come you will see some posts from me with made in Kenya outfit.    

 I hope everyone is having a superb time wherever he/she is.Today kids are at home others at arena have you taken your child there? I remember when I was a child I could even cry to go to the show ground. If you have the time or today is your off day take your time and spend with your kids. Sometimes we parents concentrate on the job and forget there are small creatures which are our children who are waiting to spend some quality time with us. So if you are a parent don't concentrate on money and leave your kids with your  house helps remember they need their parents too.            
Enjoy your weekend, and I am so happy for you guys for keeping me company here 
Thanks a lot,