It’s been a while since I wrote a post believe me I have missed it a  lot. Blogging is a hobby for me, and as you know, a hobby is something that you do in your free time or leisure time. I have been busy doing some other constructive things.  
I got this dress of mine I bought some time back black and white best colors which can fit with any colorful footwear or accessories. As you can see from the picture, it's a mini dress.  It's  my favorite  for an informal look.
My month didn't end up well I misplaced my camera or rather somebody decided to keep it for me it also contributed to the delay of posting my new post.  I don't understand why a person should take stealing as a job I totally don't. I love  those youths who strangle no matter the fact that no employment in Kenya but they  create an opportunity. It’s not about working hard it's  about working smart, and when you store  someone’s property, I don't think you are going anywhere.                        
There are so many jobs online that many youths who know the real meaning of working smart benefit from them. These are some of the   jobs that you can get online, and all that you need is  internet and your mind that’s all.
You can Google them for more information on how to earn through these jobs.

There are so many other more websites for online jobs if you are interested you can do your research. It's painful to lose something whether  you bought it expensive or cheap its your property and you made effort to own it..    
If you  are wondering how you can start to earn through online, look for someone to help you or an expert. They even offer some training which is affordable, and after that, you will start earning out of it. You can visit this website   FREELANCER KENYA the owner is Walter Akolo he is very inspirational and answers the questions if you have any to ask. This man inspired me when I was starting this blog I didn't even know how to  create a website, but I learned it all from him through his E-books. Thanks a lot, Walter may God add you more knowledge and wisdom to continue assisting those who are in need.                    
My message for those who think stealing it's the only way to survive is that its only way to die poor. Look for other good ways to get money, remember God blesses those who are doing something, not those who are  relying on other people’s property.
I took the photo from Buoart studios; it was my first time to visit their studios, my experience there was awesome and i liked it so much.. These guys know how to  deal  with their clients.    
I am always thankful for my viewers who keep motivating   me.
God Bless you, I love you all
Dress from Ngara Market
Choker Dubois
Shoes Ngara market

Here is the photo
You can look for a laptop and work from home if you can