It’s not that easy to lose weight, and it takes a willing person to manage to shake some weight. I am so ready to lose some kilos, especially in my tummy. So far it’s not that fast, but  it’s working. Remember I posted a post about the things I do as I continue losing my weight. If you follow such, steps believe you me, you can as well lose.You can read it here It’s very hard for someone who sees me daily to notice the difference,  but for me, I notice and also I do measure my weight after every one week.   It’s not an easy journey that's why I keep saying it takes a willing heart to start the challenge.   

My keywords are eating healthy, sleep well, drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and last but not least stay away from fast foods and gradually you will also lose some pounds. There is a concoction i do drink daily you can read as well here to make it yourself to flatten your tummy   
It’s my second month now, and I  won’t lie to you have lost some   pounds, to some it may sound little, but to me, it's a big step and when I step on a weighing machine, and I find out that my weight is reducing makes me so glad.      
In this picture, if you  are very keen you can see a slight difference, and I thank God for that. As I continue, I am looking for the nearest gym to start exercising  at least thrice a week to fasten the process.

If you are overweight or obesity, you are likely to get some diseases which are associated with weight. If you are experiencing, weight problems don't keep saying as I heard someone saying it's a gene and  it’s impossible to lose. There is nothing impossible you need to start right away to live a healthy living.                      
Someone may wonder why I do write healthy tips on a fashion blog, but I believe Fashion and health go together. It takes a healthy body to gain that confidence to show the fashion and style.  That's why I find it relevant sometimes to share about how to lose weight naturally.   
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