Sometimes a promise is like debt, and you have to fulfill any promise you make.   Have been promising you guys about starting to wear African outfits as well, made in  Kenya to be specific. It sounds bad not to promote your country. There are so many designers in Kenya, and if we don't support them as Kenyans, we will end up failing in the fashion industry.    

I feel so good when I see many companies advertising our very own products, and this does not mean it’s not okay wearing imported garments what I am trying to emphasize is that let's be neutral and consider both sides. I was wondering why people don't like made in Kenya outfits and I had to discuss it with my buddy. I was more curious to know why she always wears imported clothes. She told me as compared to Kenyan clothes imported ones are cheap and affordable to many. I had to prove her wrong that not all garments made in Kenya are expensive it depends on designers. You may find some expensive others are affordable.        
My designer can design a very nice outfit with a very friendly price. When  first I decided to start wearing African attires I had no idea where to go but my friend directed me there. According to what have seen her doing her work I can’t doubt her she makes  outfits that when you wear, everyone admires it because  it’s very classy.
Made in Kenya outfits it’s not all about Ankara, if you make a cute outfit even if is not Ankara you are still promoting Kenyan work. Why I am saying this is  because my outfit I am wearing in this post is not made from Ankara but still made in Kenya .  
I am still continuing to promote our country through making more outfits from them. I am not that selective to be held up to one designer so long as a designer is making beautiful outfits I am ready to try so if you are a designer and you want me to promote your job and you know you make cute outfit don't hesitate to communicate to me.         
I am in love with this outfit I made. What are your thoughts how does it look? Will you want me to post more posts with African attires? If yes just comment which outfit you will want me to wear. 
If you are looking for office wear this dress is perfect for such as accompanied by the black and white blazer. Some  people do say if you don't a have a nice figure you can't wear a dress, this is not true even if you are overweight don't limit yourself with outfits just learn to impress your body. I heard from overweight people saying they can’t wear a dress they  won’t look nice, this is not true just look for the best designer and will make lovely dresses for you.                                      
These are   some of the photos I took with the dress though the white background is not pleasant. I hope you will like. 
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